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From Mountain Tops to under the Sea.

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  • Live Broadcast

    Live TV, from anywhere.

    Full Fly Away, Airline capable Multi Camera HD Outside Broadcast Production system complete with Multi Camera Replays, Real Time Graphics, TVC inserts with HD Satellite uplink direct to either Broadcast Networks, On-line or both. Equipment that can be shipped to the top of a mountain, or to the middle of the Coral Sea, all already done successfully.Winner of 7 ACS awards.

  • Content Delivery Systems

    Broadcast to the Web, Youtube, Facebook, Periscope or our own Content Delivery System to your Web Site. All are possible individually or simultaneously .
    Successfully achieved over 350,000 viewers on a single live stream world wide.

  • IT Solutions

    Purpose built IT solutions for specific jobs.

    Tell us what you have dreamed up and we will deliver it.

  • Multiformat

    E-Commerce sites

    Targeted Marketing

    Data Base Systems

Diverse Television Production

  • Television Production

    Produced over 140 half hour television series for Channels Nine, Ten and Seven. Prime NZ, Discovery USA and Sky Europe

    Pioneer of affordable Live Television events with our unique purpose built Flyaway OB systems.

    Examples available view our Video Gallery
    For our snow specific site

  • Live Event Production

    Pioneer of Live Television events.

    Host broadcaster of the World Solar Challenge for the past 18 years.
  • Facebook, Periscope

    Multi Camera Live production

    Big Screen Events - On site big screens available

  • Post & Live Streaming

    "The Classic"-Worlds biggest sprint car event

    World Solar Challenge - Darwin to Adelaide challenge

    Great Barrier Reef Legacy - Highlighting the environmental issues confronting the GBR.

    International Snow Events

    Finke Desert Race Live- Australia's biggest desert race.


Ideas team

The creative team that dreams up the ideas.

Winner of 7 ACS awards for filming excellence

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    Let us know about your event and how we can help turn it into a world event.

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